Private Instruction

Private Instruction Private Instruction is best suited to those who are interested in developing a personal practice or for those would like to address special needs not appropriate to a group class. It can be a useful tool when we need encouragement or guidance. We may not always be aware of which of our reactions and behaviors are causing us problems. It is also difficult to sustain changes even when we want to change. Private instruction with a teacher can help us become more aware of our patterns and support our desire to change.

Daily yoga practice can be transforming, and a teacher can design an individual practice to optimize this growth. Private instruction also allows for deeper relationship between student and teacher. During the first session, the student and teacher discuss the goals of the yoga practice. They may also discuss the obstacles currently in the way of achieving those goals. In this way, a practice specifically designed for the needs of the student can be developed. The student is then guided through the practice to insure that the practice can be understood and followed. During follow-up sessions, the teacher will meet with the student to observe and help, and to make any changes necessary.